Wellness sauna
1 - 40 people

SUP rental at sagisteg

◔ 1-8 h Stand-up paddling on Lake Walen - a wonderful experience! Our offer at sagisteg (with direct access to the lake): Hourly or daily rental of SUPs and giant SUPs (for groups of up to 10 people) including paddles, life jackets, leashes & short introduction by our staff. Rental times: 8:00 to 18:00

  • 1er-SUP: first hour CHF 30.00, every further hour CHF 15.00, 8 hours (day rental) CHF 95.00. Additional person: CHF 10.00
  • 6-seater SUP: first hour CHF 100.00, each additional hour CHF 50.00, 8 hours (daily rental) CHF 350.00.
  • 10-person SUP: first hour CHF 160.00, each additional hour CHF 80.00, 8 hours (daily rental) CHF 450.00.

  • Sustainable travel by public transport

    The SUP experience on Lake Walen is ideally combined with the
    Train journey to Murg. A few minutes on foot and the SUP can be picked up at the sagisteg become. Take advantage of the food and drink offerings at sagisteg during your breaks.

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